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With Topovan Tamas from Qatar August 24th - 26th

Meditation is the best way to cultivate equanimity, which helps one to accept the world the way it is without labelling, judgement or preferences. Finding our place between the two pair of opposites, in perfect balance, is the true purpose of yoga. 

This workshop is designed to suit complete beginners and experienced meditators alike. During the course of this workshop, you will discover and establish the presence of the 5 elements within the body and work your way up from the grossest earth element to the more subtle space element. Each workshop is dedicated to one element and the related meditation technique, which helps cultivate the desired elemental attributes. 

The course is a great opportunity to delve deep into yourself and experience parts of yourself that exist beyond the frame of your present awareness. By engaging in the elemental meditation practices you will discover old patterns and habits of your mind and learn how to cultivate and sustain new ones which are constructive to the evolution of your consciousness. These methods help to release stress, build confidence, develop concentration, maintain emotional stability and have a clear perception of the true nature of all things.


Tapovan is an inspiring presence to learn from. With a love of physical activities since his teenage years, he discovered yoga in 2003. This set him on an unforgettable journey which has now become a lifestyle.

He earned his first hatha yoga instructor certificate in 2011, followed by vinyasa flow the next year. He spent 3 months studying Ashtanga from two of the renowned teachers in Mysore. This was followed by 5 months learning rigorous meditation techniques and teaching yoga and pranayama in a Buddhist monastery near Kathmandu.
In 2014 he undertook the Sivanada teacher training programme and subsequently joined the full-time teaching staff at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in Kerala, where he shared various yoga, pranayama and meditation classes. In 2015 Tapovan taught yoga and meditation at Phoenix Yoga Studio in Melbourne, followed by a 3 month conscious yoga living programme at Hariharalaya Retreat Center in Cambodia.
Tapovan is a fantastic teacher and intensive practitioner; his classes reflect the many years he has spent immersed in meditation, absorbing yogic texts and practising pranayama and kriya yoga techniques.

​It is strongly suggested to attend all 5 of these workshops as they each have specific methods of healing, awareness and fundamentals towards meditation and cognitive principles. ​​

Earth Element Friday August 24th 5:30-8:30pm

Earth represents security, firmness and stability. When it is lacking you may feel ungrounded, restless and out of balance. The first workshop consists of learning how to create a psychic protection that establishes a sense of security. The protection is capable of keeping away negative influences, low vibrations, ill-wishes and misfortune. It helps to harmonise the energy flow of the body to an optimum level while establishing sound health and wellbeing.
The Earth Element meditation shows how to become grounded in case of excess energy and lays down a firm foundation for the following elements and related practices. In the second part, a Tantric/Vedic Ganapati Puja is performed, a traditional Hindu ritual for Ganesha, to purify ourselves, remove all obstacles of self-improvement and receive the blessings and benefits of all the techniques.

Water Element Saturday August 25th 9am-12pm

Starting the day with a fluid slow flow yoga practice followed by a discussion on the importance of meditation, when and how to establish a sustainable daily practice, what are the hindrances you need to be aware of and what are the tricks that help you to stick to your spiritual routine. The water element meditation is designed to help to go beyond the physical senses and get anchored in the subtle energy of water. Water governs the emotions and it is the energy of bonding. It has the ability to take up the shape of its container, it can teach us how to adapt to any situation, how to bend so we don’t break.

Fire Element Saturday August 25th 2pm-5pm

Fire symbolizes energy, heat and the power of transformation. A great method to awaken this force it to do a strong and fiery asana practice combined with conscious breathing and self-absorption. We start this session with a dynamic, heated vinyasa yoga, followed by a special method of Aum chanting that results in dissolving the awareness into pure vibration and establishing the symbol of Fire Element in the framework of the body.

Air Element Sunday August 26th 9am-12pm

Air rules the prana, breath and everything that moves. We start the day with a gentle yoga practise to anchor ourselves in the breath and activate the cosmic life force which is in a constant flux and ever-flowing dance. The rest of class is dedicated to the study of pranayama, its benefits and its applications, including relevant bandhas and mudras for even greater enhancement; and the Air Element meditation technique which allows you to become aware of the flow of prana, its direction and how to rewire the whole body and unite the two brain hemispheres through systematic self-observation

Space Element Sunday August 26th 2pm-5pm

Space is pervasive. It is the substratum of all phenomena; it is the infinite canvas of the eternal existence which enables all the other elements to manifest and operate. The goal of the final session is to focus on the combination of spinal breathing and universal mantra repetition that leads to dissolution of the mind in the vast emptiness. This will be followed by a lecture on the nature of reality and the need for self-realization; and where to position ourselves in the cosmic play of the elements.

Investment is $60 per session, or $220 for the full enrollment.  

Enrollments can be made online by using the link below, using the MINDBODY App, or by emailing [email protected] with your full name and phone number.

5 Element Meditation and Asana Weekend