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S​usan first discovered yoga as a young girl in a paperback book of her Gram's. She found the pictures truly fascinating and intriguing. Many years later, in 2000, she found herself taking her first asana class in a local Windsor community center. She was hooked right from the start. Floating around town, trying different teachers, she eventually wound up in a dojo taking a class with Nicole Daignault. She had found her teacher and began to really dive into more than just the physical practice, she wanted to learn more. So inspired by her experience and her teacher, Susan just knew that this was what she wanted to pursue on a deeper level. The benefits of this practice were countless, physically and mentally. She was inspired to become a teacher and share this amazing practice with others.In 2003, Susan travled to Varanasi, India to study with Nicole's teacher Sunil Kumar. The four months that she spent with her laughing Guru were life altering. She came home a different person and her love of travel was born. She began teaching at the Downtown Yoga Studio shortly after her return in 2004 and it became like a second home. She has taught at various places in Windsor and Essex County but the downtown studio was where it all began.Her teaching is very alignment based and easily adapted to all students, beginner to advanced. With influences from Iyengar, Bihar, Sivananda, and Ashtanga Yoga just to name a few, classes are challenging and constantly changing. Her soothing voice, demanding classes, and juicy shavasana will help you to feel lighter, more relaxed and definitely stronger in body and mind.Her long battle with Crohn's disease and many surgeries have helped make her a very compassionate, understanding and versatile teacher. She has come back onto her mat again and again as a beginner, she knows the struggle all to well. Yoga has helped her through many dark and challenging times in her life. It is truly why she is here today, sharing her love of this ancient practice with her students. Yoga is grounding, it helps alleviate the stress and tension from our day to day lives. Let it help you find peace, understanding, compassion, and love for yourself and the world around you. Find strength and flexibility, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Susan lives in the downtown core with her partner Christopher, their two kidlets and three furry cat babies. She loves to cook, read, spend time with friends in various local cafes and makes a mean soy latte. Her Indian food is legendary and she often dreams of opening Susanji's Indian Cuisine in the future but her part time life as a local designer of hair keeps her pretty busy! She can often be found on her mat in various local yoga classes and loves to practice down at the river when the weather permits. Laughter Yoga is another passion and often makes an appearance in her classes too!!! Ha ha ha ha ha Mahadev! Come try a class today! Namaste. OM