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Josie has been practicing yoga for 10+ years. Like a seed that was planted with care and attention, the physical practice that was meant to find work-life balance, has turned into a beautiful practice of awareness – body, mind and spirit - both on and off the mat.​​ A graduate of the Namaste Yoga Shala, in Royal Oak Michigan (2010), Josie graduated as a Certified Yoga Teacher and has been teaching in various settings since then.  Teaching foundational hatha yoga, her strength lies in working with students of all abilities, sizes and ages. Her belief is that yoga can be practiced by anyone – her style is a gentle approach.  Options are offered to explore traditional postures, and the use of props as enhancements to the practice.  She also incorporates the benefits of pranayama (breath control) and meditation practice into her classes. Josie also shares the love of Bhakti yoga – “the yoga of devotion” – where chanting mantra to music works to shift energy.  You can often find her participating in monthly Kirtan in Windsor, with the Kirtaneers! Band, led by Nancy Drew. Some of Josie’s other jobs includes being a wife, mom to 2 wonderful kids, and full time Recruiting Manager for a local staffing agency.  She has been teaching and practicing in the downtown space for several years, and looks forward to sharing the practice of the many limbs of yoga with the H’OM family.