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​Annisa stumbled onto her yoga mat in the hopes of gaining flexibility. As a former gymnast she was hoping to be able to do the splits again. She had been to a couple yoga classes here and there, but nothing had really stood out to her until she found the support of Instagram yoga challenges. Suddenly, she was taking yoga classes every chance she could get. Soon she was on her mat every day, determined to find elusive flexibility. After a few months she began to notice a change, a shift in her practice. She began to understand the importance of breath. She began to understand the connection of movements to breath. She soon realized that her overactive brain was completely silent when she got on her mat. After less than a year of a dedicated daily practice, she realized what she really wanted to do in life; teach this amazing practice to others. At the time, she was teaching English in Shanghai China. So she enrolled in a RYT 200 hour course and has been teaching ever since. She is also enrolled in a Yin Yoga training in May. Annisa is a firm believer that yoga is for every body. She strives to make all of her classes completely accessible to all. She has taught all ages and abilities, from children, to seniors, from athletes to military members suffering from PTSD. She is constantly inspired by the subtle shifts that yoga can bring out in people, both physically and mentally. As a sufferer of chronic pain, Annisa understands that every student chooses yoga for their own personal reasons. She hopes to give every student a class that leaves them feeling challenged, but strives to ensure that everyone leaves the room feeling calm and relaxed. "We all step on to our mats for different reasons, but the one thing we all have in common is breath. Find your breath and you have found yoga".​​